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Monday, 11 June 2012

Zigabid Hot Deals and Featured Event News

Leykis Likes us:  A big welcome to our friends at the Tom Leykis Show! You may have caught our ads on the show and on the website. We'll be sure to take care of you like we do all our customers.

Hot Deals: 
A lot of shows and a lot of tickets left for Van HalenDodgers vs AngelsThe Tallest Man On EarthPhantom PlanetNickelbackThriceand more! This is your chance to make an offer or get a great deal!

Hockeywood:  Tickets for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup between the Kingsand Devils started at $1,000 each on Wednesday! Expect this to be the precedent for the next game or 2.

What's New?: Find new dates for GotyeNeil young & Crazy HorseToby KeithMazePitbull, My Morning Jacket and more on the site!

$20 Off Your Next Order:  Check the end of the newsletter to see if you're our randomly selected winner of 2000 Z-Rewards points! Use it to get $20 off your next Zigabid purchase!

Video of the Week:  If you love music, guitars, 90s rock, or just cool stuff, check out this guy cover 50 of the greatest guitar riffs from the early 90s

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