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Friday, 2 March 2012

Why Customers Call Zigabid a Ticket Revolution

Zigabid continues to get reviews about its services and special offers from customers within and outside the United States. Following are some of the reviews to share with readers in general and potential buyers and sellers in particular. Read on to find out what customers have to say about Zigabid. 

Zigabid saved my dying hope to get Miley Cyrus Tix (By Natalie Grand, NYC)

I wasn't familiar with online ticket buying experience until I had stumbled upon Zigabid while searching for tickets to Miley Cyrus concert in Melbourne this past summer. I had actually promised my daughter to get her the Disney star's tix if she would pass her high school exam with good grades. She did it, and asked me to fulfill my promise. Upon checking out Box Office at Rod Laver Arena, I found out that concerts are sold out. My office colleague was with me who referred me to a couple of online ticket sites but to no avail. Dejected, I googled "tickets buying and selling" and the search engine took me Zigabid which saved my dying hope. I almost screamed with joy to find a guy who wanted to sell his tickets as he had to abandon the concert for some work reasons. 
I love their business concept as it, unlike many ticket exchange service provides, allows buyers to interact directly with sellers, negotiate the price, and settle a deal. This is my favorite network for online concert tickets purchases, and I recommend everyone looking for affordable tickets to any events must check out Zigabid.com. You will be glad you did!
Zigabid is THE BEST place for naive internet users to buy tickets from (By Grant Pearson, Ottawa)
I call Zigabid the best place because it's a hassle-free network where buying and selling tickets is easy. Even a nave internet user like me can brag about making online purchases, yeah! My grandson was returning home during his summer break and I intended to take him to Tampa Bay Rays game to spend quality time with him. Being too old to stand in long queues, I thought to give a shot to online buying of sports tickets. A bit of browsing took me to Zigabid that I found very easy to use. 
Choose. Negotiate. And Buy yes, it's this simple!
The network allowed me to speak a couple of sellers whose tickets I was interested in. I settled on tickets to the seats in Field box at last and bought them at a discount to their face value price. Tickets were delivered on time; in fact my grandson received them & I still remember the smile on his face. Since then Zigabid's been my only place to buy tickets. And I recommend both naive and savvy users to use this network for ticket trading.  
They Won My Trust (By Liam Collins, San Francisco)
My Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tickets have just arrived, and my twins seem super happy receiving them. I'm here to Thank you guys for keeping your words. For people looking to buy and sell theater tickets, Zigabid is a place to stop by. 
Was a little skeptical about the arrival of tickets considering my colleagues' experiences; their tickets were never arrived nor were they refunded. I'm glad to have found the right ticket marketplace. Their best thing is to allow buyers and sellers to talk to each other and negotiate the price directly. I needed 5 tickets; 2 for my twins and 3 for their buddies. The seller of these tickets stayed in touch, ensuring me that tickets would arrive. They are here now smiling. 

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