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Friday, 30 March 2012

Aerosmith Global Warming Tour Tickets

A music group comprising multi-platinum yet unpretentious artists, Aerosmith may not count the number of fans they have gathered around the world. The band is noted for an easy charm that features a unique blend of the artists’ great music as well as hilarious wit. Their music comforts and reassures fans with the sense that ‘Sometimes Painful, Sometimes Celebratory’ moments are a part of life, shared by everyone.
The current lineup comprises Aerosmith Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, and Brad Whitford who together have won a plethora of awards for their chart topping hits. So, if you have been waiting for your favorite group, Aerosmith, to see them performing LIVE, Zigabid has a great news for you! Aerosmith confirms to kick off a whirlwind stumping tour called ‘Global Warming’ this June. Get your tickets to Aerosmith Concerts, and experience the energy of clap-your-hands-&-tap-your-feet event in your City!
The Grammy-award winning Aerosmith have been enjoying success ever since they exploded into the music industry. They are characterized distinctly for confident boasts, upbeat music, and prolific output. Their foot-tapping music and appealing-to-the-heart beats and lyrics together make an all cutting-edge music they are known for. Their self-titled debut album with a hit single “Dream On” broke the doors down for them. Since then, they have played numerous sold-out concerts at various venues and amphitheatres around the world.
Even today, Aerosmith are as refreshed and reinvigorated as fans can expect from the music idols. They, once again, are ready to embark on a tour.
Aerosmith’s 2012 Global Warming Tour is going to feature infectious and addictive tracks laced with dance-pop righteousness and sweet melodies. The veteran artists are bound to illuminate the concert hall with sheer vocals and pumping music. Make sure to experience the season’s most entertaining piece. Aerosmith Tickets are out on sale, and in unparalleled demand. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that tickets to the band’s upcoming concerts are selling like hot cakes. So don’t miss your chance to see your favorite artists performing Live in your city and grab your tickets today!
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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Enter an Auction to Win FREE Drake Tickets

Who’s the latest youth heart-throb? Well, you guessed it, it’s Drake! He may not be a new addition to the show-business, but he’s definitely a big sensation on the fertile entertainment scene. Drake is amongst the talents who have proved themselves in acting and singing fields. Still at a young age of 25, he has gathered a huge fan following with his creative potentials. Rapping, singing, and acting, Drizzy Drake has lived up to many expectations. Critics call him, ‘a fresh wave of talent in the industry’, while many identify his ‘substantial influence upon youth’.
Drake is certainly a prolific figure in music industry. Energetically pursuing his music talent in the studio and in live performances, he’s on a track of becoming America’s accomplished and acclaimed musician. Suffice it to say that emerging young artists look up to Drake. Despite receiving critical acclaim, he still is determined to achieve more in a life ahead.
Adhered to gangsta lyrical content, grinding beats, and hip hop music; the Drake’s concerts bring more than a music experience. Theatrical and attention-grabbing acts create a mysterious anonymity that makes the singer stand out amongst the rest. Fans have even started calling Drake a Complete Entertainment Package, because he knows well how to occupy the hearts of his fans. Grab Drake Tickets and experience speed, thrash, doom, dazzling music and innovative performances. As fresh as ever, Drake is bringing a brand new concert to your City. Don’t miss out on the event!
OK! You’re thrilled enough to make it to Drake’s upcoming concert, but being low on budget makes you hold back on your desire. So what should be your best strategy in that case? Well, smart people look for smart ways like money-saving deals, discount offers, or even free tickets. Yes! Each of Drake’s fans has a fair chance to win free tickets online by partaking in exciting contests, which are run by various ticket-selling websites like Zigabid.
This summer, Zigabid is giving fans a Double Massive Markdown special. You can now SAVE on tickets to Chicago and The Doobie Brothers, KISS and Motley Crue, Drake, and many more while supplies last. Moreover, if fans sign up with Zigabid to enter an auction, they have chances to win free tickets and get $20 discount on tickets. Visit Zigabid for further details about how to enter an auction, win free Drake tickets, get massive discounts on popular tickets, and stay updated on the latest offerings.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Extra special treat of not 1, but 2 different shows we've slashed prices

Dust off your heels and get ready to go funky at Funk-a-Palooza. This funk music extravaganza is going to offer beyond anything you can imagine! There’s music, there’s beat, there’s clap, there’s tap, there’s food, and there’s heaps of entertainment making Funk-a-palooza an unforgettable and incredible experience. Tickets for this once-in-a-life-time event are going fast, get yours today!
Funk-a-Palooza is set to feature a diverse range of both emerging and internationally acclaimed music artists, as well as several exciting acts including dance. This highly-anticipated event offers more than a concert experience. So, kick off your weekend by enjoying some extraordinary funky grooves at Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA.
In case you don’t get a chance to make it to Funk-A-Palooza on Friday, here’s another event for you the following day! Gibson Amphitheatre brings another concert of a lifetime, featuring Aventurera El Musical on Saturday. A live performance by Aventurera El Musical is a celebration of music. If you’re craving such an exciting experience, you must make a swift move by grabbing Aventurera Tickets.
Ok, let’s assume you’re thrilled to attend Funk-a-Palooza or Aventurera El Musical shows at Gibson Amphitheatre, but realize it’s too late for you to find tickets now. What’s your last hope now? Browse Zigabid where you’re likely to find last-minute tickets.    
This week, Zigabid’s bringing fans an extra special treat of not 1, but 2 different shows the premium ticket-seller has slashed prices on. If you’re looking to go to the Gibson Amphitheatre this weekend to see George Clinton at Hot 92.3’s Funk-A-Palooza or see the classic telenovela Aventurera coming to life on stage, you can get tickets today at 30% off the face value price. Doesn’t it sound like a MASSIVE Markdown? Fans may also find some of the best seats at Gibson Amphitheatre for negotiable prices. Our last-minute deals also offer free parking. So, profit of the chance!
Folks! Get ready to witness love-filled yet eye-opening stories of the ages with Funk-a-Palooza Tickets and Aventurera El Musical Tickets. Tickets are extremely limited, so make an offer before these sell out!
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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tickets to the Best Sports Teams for Exciting Games in summer 2012

Some of the major country's sporting events are eagerly awaited by the fans. These may include baseball, basketball, ice-hockey, and college-football. This article will enlist some of the best teams from the sports scene and tickets to their games. Sports tickets are a great package of excitement, thrill, and newness. Grab tickets for a refreshing experience this summer!    
Los Angeles Lakers: Aggressive play, non-stop efforts and winning attitude words that best define Los Angeles Lakers. With consistent performance - the Lakers have reached to the dizzy height of the success. They are enjoying a distinct reputation on the fertile baseball scene. While the Lakers games are on, baseball fans in Los Angeles prefer to watch their favorite team at Staples Center live. Fans are booking Los Angeles Lakers Staple Center Tickets like there's no tomorrow. And, we want to make sure that no baseball lover is missed out! So, check out Zigabid for the best-priced Los Angeles Lakers tickets right away!

Edmonton Oilers: For ice-hockey fans anticipating Edmonton Oilers games, here's a good news! One of the professional ice-hockey's all-time hot teams, Edmonton Oilers, continues to battle against other big ice-hockey teams at Rexall Place. Their games are bound to feature loads of excitement, drama, amazing moments, incredible play, and much more. If you're an Oilers fan, you shouldn't miss to see your favorite team marking yet another history. Edmonton Oilers have also scheduled games against their rival Calgary Flames. So, buy your Edmonton oilers Rexall Place Tickets to beat the heat of summers! 
New York Knicks: Want to experience the spirit of a winning team? Catch New York Knicks wrecking havoc on the opponent teams. If you're within or around New York City, you mustn't miss attending such pulsating games as soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, football and other energy-sapping matchups. The Knicks games are heaps of fun featuring excitement, exhilaration and non-stop actions. Get set to catch pulsating games, the New York Knicks promise to feature. Get your hands on the New York Knicks right away.
Anaheim Ducks: Professional Ice Hockey craze is incredibly increasing and so is the demand for its tickets. Get your hands on Anaheim Ducks Tickets as they are out on sale now. Anaheim Ducks Honda Center Tickets are available at Zigabid at amazing prices. Even better, fans can negotiate ticket prices to make it to the stadium without breaking their banks! Anaheim Ducks Honda Center tickets are selling HOT cakes, and won't be around for long. So, grab them when you see them at Zigabid and enjoy the great prices!
Dallas Stars: Find Dallas Stars tickets to all of their summer games at American Airlines Center - TX Tickets for discounted prices at Zigabid. Dallas Stars Tickets are being snatched up here and there by Stars fans. If you're also an ice-hockey fan, grab your Dallas Stars tickets before they all sell out!
Radiohead: Amazing Deal! Radiohead Tampa Bay Times Forum Tickets are available at Zigabid for negotiable prices.  Zigabid provides a great assortment of premium Radiohead Tickets to all upcoming summer games to choose from. So, don't miss your chance, look through the inventory of Radiohead Tampa Bay Times Forum Tickets and buy your tickets at discounted prices today from Zigabid!

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Friday, 16 March 2012

Beach Boys concerts Must-Attend Events during summer 2012

The Beach Boys tour has been announced and tickets will soon be on-sale. The very definition of the spirit of rock music, Beach Boys has been thrilling the audience around the world for over decades now. This time the charismatic American rock group is appearing with wildly-entertaining music acts at various venues across the US. Fans are sure to be captivated by their voice wizardry, hilarious singing and audience interaction. So buy Beach Boys Tickets, and see them LIVE in your City.
With a completely unique brand of eclectic music, Beach Boys promise to create enduring memories for their fans, which will be cherished for a lifetime. So what arenas are going to be packed with Beach Boys fans this summer? Sand Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Borgata Event Center in Atlantic City, The Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, Red Rock Casino Amphitheatre in Las Vegas, Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, Woodlands pavilion in Woodlands, and many other venues make up the list of places for the group to stop by.
Fans can capsulize the Beach Boys’ music by remembering how many hit singles the group has birthed and how many millions of music copies the group has sold. Nevertheless, these conventional measurements go amiss when it comes to assess the impact of The Beach Boys. Certainly, this phenomenal group has spawned a plethora of hits and sold albums by the millions worldwide. You may inquire or wonder about the exact factors that have brought Beach Boys the greater amounts of popularity.
To be exact, Beach Boys changed the musical landscape so much that every new wannabe considers following the footsteps of the group a way to success. Happily for music fans, the Beach Boys continue to hit the roads whilst featuring their signature bold imagination and style. This year’s Beach Boys tour promises to be an incredible one that will give something to talk about for a long time. The band’s fans can’t wait to see them live in concert. Are you too amongst them?

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Monday, 12 March 2012

Tickets to the Best Spring Music Events in US

Tickets to the Best Spring Music Events in US ‎on Zigabid.com
Spring 2012, once again, brings a highly anticipated music extravaganza. Providing music fans with the thrilling, exciting and exhilarating music - spring music events in the US is a real deal. It features the most popular artists of the present time. The 2012 lineup for Spring Concerts includes Buddy Guy, Primus, Foxy Shazam, Korn, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Flogging Molly, and many more.
The aforementioned groups are bound to warm your hearts with their sizzling music, searing lyrics and scorching beats and dance. Spring concerts are a heck of fun and must be experienced. Book your Spring Concert Tickets and avail a chance of seeing your favorite artists performing LIVE!
Buddy Guy Tickets beat the sales, while Buddy Guy concerts are highly anticipated events. The legendary Buddy Guy legendary didn’t only Play the Blues but also took it to the new heights of recognition. Buddy Guy is a blues master who penetrates the heart and soul with his Blues music. Suffice it to the say that he is one of the big names who developed taste of music fanatics for the Blues. Critics call Buddy Guy Blue Master; new-comers declare him as their influence; while blues fanatics recognize his music As Good As It Gets.
You listen to his music and get addicted. No matter you talk of Buddy Guy’s colossal musical resume or hard-earned accolades - you will find Buddy Guy on top of his Blues game!
The 72-year-old Buddy Guy yearns for ensuing relentless world touring. Continuing his tour, the blues master is heading out to satisfy his blues-hungry-fans in various cities of the US. So, all music aficionados and Buddy Guys fans gear up for a night with Buddy Guy. The Buddy Guy concerts are sure to be bedazzled with Buddy’s strong vocals and guitar wizardry. Book Buddy Guy Concert Tickets and find out why he has been elevated to mythical status as Blues Master. Be up to experience the very essence of Blues!
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Friday, 2 March 2012

Why Customers Call Zigabid a Ticket Revolution

Zigabid continues to get reviews about its services and special offers from customers within and outside the United States. Following are some of the reviews to share with readers in general and potential buyers and sellers in particular. Read on to find out what customers have to say about Zigabid. 

Zigabid saved my dying hope to get Miley Cyrus Tix (By Natalie Grand, NYC)

I wasn't familiar with online ticket buying experience until I had stumbled upon Zigabid while searching for tickets to Miley Cyrus concert in Melbourne this past summer. I had actually promised my daughter to get her the Disney star's tix if she would pass her high school exam with good grades. She did it, and asked me to fulfill my promise. Upon checking out Box Office at Rod Laver Arena, I found out that concerts are sold out. My office colleague was with me who referred me to a couple of online ticket sites but to no avail. Dejected, I googled "tickets buying and selling" and the search engine took me Zigabid which saved my dying hope. I almost screamed with joy to find a guy who wanted to sell his tickets as he had to abandon the concert for some work reasons. 
I love their business concept as it, unlike many ticket exchange service provides, allows buyers to interact directly with sellers, negotiate the price, and settle a deal. This is my favorite network for online concert tickets purchases, and I recommend everyone looking for affordable tickets to any events must check out Zigabid.com. You will be glad you did!
Zigabid is THE BEST place for naive internet users to buy tickets from (By Grant Pearson, Ottawa)
I call Zigabid the best place because it's a hassle-free network where buying and selling tickets is easy. Even a nave internet user like me can brag about making online purchases, yeah! My grandson was returning home during his summer break and I intended to take him to Tampa Bay Rays game to spend quality time with him. Being too old to stand in long queues, I thought to give a shot to online buying of sports tickets. A bit of browsing took me to Zigabid that I found very easy to use. 
Choose. Negotiate. And Buy yes, it's this simple!
The network allowed me to speak a couple of sellers whose tickets I was interested in. I settled on tickets to the seats in Field box at last and bought them at a discount to their face value price. Tickets were delivered on time; in fact my grandson received them & I still remember the smile on his face. Since then Zigabid's been my only place to buy tickets. And I recommend both naive and savvy users to use this network for ticket trading.  
They Won My Trust (By Liam Collins, San Francisco)
My Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tickets have just arrived, and my twins seem super happy receiving them. I'm here to Thank you guys for keeping your words. For people looking to buy and sell theater tickets, Zigabid is a place to stop by. 
Was a little skeptical about the arrival of tickets considering my colleagues' experiences; their tickets were never arrived nor were they refunded. I'm glad to have found the right ticket marketplace. Their best thing is to allow buyers and sellers to talk to each other and negotiate the price directly. I needed 5 tickets; 2 for my twins and 3 for their buddies. The seller of these tickets stayed in touch, ensuring me that tickets would arrive. They are here now smiling.