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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Zigabid Markdown Blessings

We know very well that you know very well that Zigabid is a place where you get your event tickets cheap because you get to negotiate for your tickets' prices. Because nothing in this world today is the same tomorrow, we figured that it's the same for tickets. We believe that one of the laws of economics states that ticket prices fluctuate too...or something along that direction. Because of that, you the buyers, get to have a kind of leverage when you negotiate.
But just when you think that things can't get any better, it does! We at Zigabid present to you our Massive Markdown deals! We meanmassive when we say “massive.” In case you haven't heard, we sold a couple of tickets for the jazzy jazz event Dukes of September (held at the Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, Ca) for only $75 apiece. And why is that significant? Well, just that the face value of each ticket stood at $145 (that's a total savings of 45%). And no, they were not for scraggy squeaky seats from far-away dark pockets of the theater—they were for the orchestra section that even came with free parking. Didn't we tell you it was massive? You may give us a pat on the back if you want, but you can save it for your own Massive Markdown deals later. So now it's time for Massive Markdown deals on your own events. Keep it in our homepage, Zigabid.com, to keep yourself updated about our upcoming Massive Markdown offers.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

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