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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Top Five Upcoming Music Tours in 2012 in US

Rock & Roll, Punk Rock, Death Metal, Country music and Jazz; Tours by musicians, songwriters, vocalists and bands go around the year in US. In 2012 many bands have been performing on stage live in different states and some have started their world tours heading to Europe, Asia and far East. Some of the must attend tours coming up in the latter half of 2012 are,

·         Madonna Sep-Nov 2012. Performing in 26 different cities in US and Canada, the Material Girl is hitting the road again. Her new album MDNA hit the charts this march and gaining a lot of interest by fans. She will be performing in Miami, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Boston and several other US cities.
·         Beach Boys. Celebrating their 50th anniversary. The boys have been a staple of Americana for half a century. They have been on a successful tour throughout the US and the tour ends this August. Get their concert tickets while they are hot at zigabid.com and join millions of other fans to celebrate 50 years of The America’s Band.
·         Coldplay. Winner of 3 Grammy awards, Coldplay is gaining altitude higher than ever. They started their tour in 2012 June and will be performing on stage in 19 cities across US and Canada.
·         Aerosmith. Icons of rock and roll music and one of the greatest rock and roll bands in history, Aerosmith is touring in summer 2012 since June. Get your Aerosmith concert tickets because they won’t last long in the market. Aerosmith concerts are in Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia and several other cities.
·         Red Hot Chili Peppers. Tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers went on sale as the band announced their tour dates in US. Their tour starts on August 11, 2012 from Staples Center, LA going through September, October and November 2012.
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