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Thursday, 6 September 2012

How to subscribe with Zigabid to get event and ticket markdown offers?

How to subscribe with Zigabid to get event and ticket markdown offers?
Everyone likes to go to a concert to see their favorite band perform live or to see their favorite teams battle it out on the field. But popular event tickets are always in demand and most of the time they are expensive and not affordable for a lot of us. Zigabid has changed the way ticket industry does business. Now you can negotiate for your favorite event tickets and pay the price that you can afford. Not only this, you can now get markdown prices on different event tickets with up to 45% discount.

Oh yeah! 45% discount, on tickets of your favorite band. Now you might think that this will be a contest, and you will have to send your entries and then Zigabid will choose a winner. No! This is very simple. Go to www.Zigabid.com and register with your name, email and other details. Zigabid will contact you with the latest news and details of upcoming sporting events, theatre and shows, concerts etc. Every now and then massive markdowns on tickets are specially offered to Zigabid customers where they get a discount on the face value of the tickets. Previously, Zigabid customers got a chance to save 45% of ticket face value on The Dukes of September performance at the Gibson Amphitheatre in California. Many jazz fans got a discount of 75$ on the tickets and enjoyed the performance live. Register with Zig A Bid for free and new markdown offers will be sent to you by email and you might get a chance to see your favorite concert at a discounted price.
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